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BWMeter Crack

BWMeter Crack is bandwidth management product, it displays monitors measures and controls all the incoming and outgoing traffic of your network and PC. BWMeter also can manage the speed limit of the internet connection. The firewall can also be set and managed by using this useful software. It gives the authority to allow or deny access to any unwanted site using the internet.

It is a very efficient traffic controller. You can develop the firewall by your own choice and desire. The advantage of this firewall is that with this you can control and analyze the internet traffic with much ease. You can also make limitation the predefined speed limits. Avoid all the unwanted and vulgar websites of your own choice.

BWMeter Crack Plus Serial Key

Table of Contents

It allows you to have a complete check and balance over data packets. You may check their origin and destination. The protocol and the port used by the data packets can also, be checked and verified by BWMeter Keygen. With the addition of this property, it has become very easy and simple to differentiate between the local and other internet traffic. Therefore, also capable of keeps the full record and history of the traffic statistics. With perfect accuracy, it measures the downloaded and uploaded data through your internet connection. It also gives you the complete history of the user data.

BWMeter Crack

Key Features

  • Numerical and Graphical bandwidth
  • Fully customization
  • Statistics export / import
  • Supports and Monitors all sort of network
  • interfaces / adapters
  • Advanced filters for measuring bandwidth by
  • address, network, application, port, etc
  • Advanced firewall function (interactive or
  • silent and more)
  • More Powerful Bugs fixation
  • Ping support to have a check on connections
  • Strong traffic control and speed limits
  • Threat alerts and update notifications


BWMeter Crack is a reliable bandwidth management software. It is the absolutely free version which is also adds-free. Hence, it contains all the features and options of the original software.


This could create temporary difficulty to understand it. This hurdle can easily be overcome with the help of its complete set of tools and options.

Author’s Note:

BWMeter Crack is the ideal bandwidth for both the professional and domestic use. It is, therefore, also very handy and useful in the situation where you want to protect your kids from the commonly straying vulgar websites. In addition, it is equally valuable to set limit the speed and data the volume of your internet connection. So, it is strongly recommended in the above-mentioned scenarios.

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